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Welcome to Mother Esther School

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Welcome to the Mother Esther School blog!

Mother Esther School is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) that was founded to educate and empower girls who are in danger of child marriage due to generational poverty and harmful cultural practices.  Through our blog, you can find out about the most recent events at school and share the journey of life with us.  Karibuni sana.

The Mother Esther students say it best and loudest: “Education: my choice, my right

We believe in girls. We believe in their strength and resilience.
We believe girls will make their communities better, safer, and healthier if they are given the tools to thrive.
We believe every human being is a child of God, and God’s intention for each person is wholeness.
We believe in bringing God’s vision of wholeness to life by working with girls for healing, education and empowerment.


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